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Regalooriginal.com it was founded in 2002, since then our name obliges us to work tirelessly to offer the most original and unusual gifts in the market. Many have been invented by us and many ideas have been from our dreamer customers.

All our gifts are prepared in our facilities: from baking the pastries for breakfasts, making custom mugs, baby clothes embroidery, canvases, laser engraved glasses, to our flowers bouquets. We have specialists in different disciplines, all with a particular objective: to offer a special service for a single moment, your gift delivery. Since we make all the gifts, this allows us to provide you with a faster service and the best prices.

What you buy in regalooriginal.com it's a gift for a very special day, so our system will let you choose the day and time of delivery, because we know that a gift cannot get there a day before or a day after. For us, 'when' it is as important as 'what'.

If you prefer to see and touch before buying, you can come visit, the address is C/Sepúlveda 6 Nave 18, 28108, Alcobendas, Madrid. It's much easier to place orders by phone or from the web.

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To order from Argentina: +54-11-5453-2859 / USA: +1-305-961-1762