Birthday Gifts

A good birthday present is not as easy to find as it seems. We are well aware of it; this is why we offer many ideas so that special person can have an unforgettable birthday. All birthday gifts are well received but if it is an original one you will see a twinkle in their eyes.

Unforgettable birthday gifts:

Birthday breakfast

For 1 person 38€

For 2 people 52€

Super Birthday breakfast

For 1 person 50€

For 2 people 63€

Birthday cake Marshmallow

Sweets Cake 39€

Map scratch the countries visited


Message chocolate

24 letters 29€

32 letters 33€

55 letters 39€

Birthday balloon

Balloon and teddy 30€

Adding cake and candles 41€

Happy Birthday Cushion

Cushion 19€

Cushion and Mug 24€

Teddy "Feliz cumple"

Teddy 25€

Teddy and cake with candles 39€

Marshmallow message


Birthday Mug

1 Mug 11€

2 Mugs 15€

Mobile Cases for birthday
Bear personalized for birthdays

Small 17cm 24€


Magic Mug Birthday

1 Mug 10€

Bouquet Birthday balloons

Bouquet 59€

Adding chocolates 63€

Aroma bath Birthday


Fleece Blanket


Canvas for birthday
Mariachi singing happy birthday

1 mariachi 1 song, Madrid Capital 82€

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